UPDATE: 3 months after 2 minutes 2 million

UPDATE: 3 Monate nach 2 Minuten 2 Millionen

Our 2 minutes 2 million adventure began in autumn 2019, when we prepared intensively for the investors in addition to the internship and studies. In the course of these preparations, we had valuable mentors at our side who supported us in word and deed. Of course, there were also people around us who advised us against it because the risk of being exposed in front of an audience or not getting a deal was high. We were also aware of this risk. However, we knew that without taking a risk, we would also be missing an opportunity. And our gut feeling told us very clearly to go on the show. We would also advise everyone else: always listen to your gut feeling! We both believe that courage is always rewarded in some way.

In retrospect, we are all the happier that the worst-case scenarios did not materialize and that we were able to convince an investor on the show. That was a great success for us, but it still remained open whether we could also convince the viewers. That's why May 12th had another crucial meaning for us: Will there be (enough) people who will recognize the benefit of REELOQ and order it? Although we hoped not, we were well aware that with REELOQ we could also fail.

To our great luck, a scenario occurred that we really didn't expect. We had ordered a large quantity of REELOQs that we wanted to sell by the end of the summer, but within hours they were gone! It was even ordered far beyond that and we were really very overwhelmed and grateful. An indescribable feeling!

Only a few hours later we asked ourselves: where do we get all the REELOQs that have been ordered? Because even the most precise and extensive planning could not prepare for Corona, which of course also left its mark on us. We had a few hundred pieces in Austria, but only the individual parts, because our producer was no longer able to assemble them. So just a few hours after the 2 Minutes 2 Million aired, we started assembling the REELOQs we had in stock.

Actually, Lukas would have flown to our producers in April and would have clarified all production-related issues, especially the exact assembly of the products. Of course, this flight was canceled and there was no way to fly to our producer until now. Explaining the exact assembly of the products via video and ensuring the desired quality has so far proved to be a challenge. This was the reason why we had to deal with very long delivery times. That was not only very frustrating for us, because you have been preparing for the moment for years and are happy when you can finally deliver your own product to customers. But also for our customers who had to wait a long time for their long-awaited REELOQ. At this point a big thank you for the understanding and patient emails from many customers!

What made us very happy was the large number of people who contacted us after the broadcast. We have received countless kind and supportive words via email and social media. But cooperation partners have also made inquiries or companies and dealers who wanted to test REELOQ. And when we sent out the first REELOQs, we were of course delighted with every single photo that was sent to us, on which REELOQ was in action!

The last few months have certainly not always been easy and, like before, there have been many ups and downs.However, we both would never let it get us down and enjoy our self-proclaimed "Startup Roller Coaster" to the fullest at every level. We are happy to look back with gratitude on our broadcast at 2 minutes 2 million, which has made so many things possible for us and where we were able to learn so much. Finally, a few personal words from both of us:

What was your greatest learning?

Lukas: "You can plan as much as you want, but things always turn out differently anyway. We couldn't have prepared better, but even we couldn't count on Corona. And certainly not that this pushes the production plan back 2 months because the production halls of our producers have come to a standstill, our suppliers have started to produce masks and the only goods that were transported to Austria were masks and protective equipment."

Julia: Learning to deal with emails from customers who have become very angry and irrelevant. Not taking it personally and not letting it influence my mood took a while.

What was your low point in the last 3 months?

Lukas: As I saw how many people order, it exceeded our stock and I didn't know how (quickly) we could deliver.

Julia: The moments of helplessness, when you would like nothing more than to send every customer the REELOQ, but you just can't do anything.

What was your highlight of the last 3 months?

Lukas: When the first customer sent us a photo from the hiking holiday on which our REELOQ was in use.

Julia: Our very first appointment with a company that saw us on TV and actually wanted to use our REELOQ in action. Since our product is currently still designed for outdoor sports, he simply ordered REELOQs for his entire task force as a gift because he absolutely wanted to support us now.

At this point, many thanks again to every single person who has supported us in any way! No matter what is still to come, we are looking forward to it and are already forging further product ideas.
Luke & Julia


REELOQ Smartphone Securing
REELOQ Smartphone Securing
REELOQ Smartphone Securing
REELOQ Smartphone Securing
REELOQ Smartphone Securing
REELOQ Smartphone Securing
REELOQ Smartphone Securing
REELOQ Smartphone Securing

REELOQ Smartphone Securing

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With REELOQ you always have your smartphone ready at hand - whether on a via ferrata, while paragliding or hiking in the mountains. You can finally take photos without worrying - with REELOQ, you'll never drop your phone again. 

Your advantages

  • phone always secured
  • fits in any mobile phone case
  • always ready at hand for a quick snapshot
  • mountable on any backpack


  • The smartphone pouch is suitable for ALL popular models and fits phones as big as 16 x 9 cm.
  • The REELOQ itself is made of durable polycarbonate and is extremely lightweight at 137g.
  • The extremely high-quality Dyneema® rope is 63cm long.
  • The outside of the phone pouch is made of water-repellent Cordura® nylon, on the inside we've used a soft lining for maximum protection of the smartphone.