82 x 4.000er  - Wie Marlies Czerny alle 4.000er der Alpen bestieg
Even though Marlies only discovered her passion for the mountains when she was about 20 years old, she still managed to climb all 82 4,000-metre peaks in the Alps. In our interview, she talks about her first 4,000m peak, the most important characteristics of an adventure buddy and an unsuccessful 8,000m attempt. Find out why this attempt was unsuccessful and who she met on the way there.
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Profibergsteiger David Göttler über Erfolg & Selbstüberschätzung
David has already climbed five eight-thousanders and - obviously - he still wants to do more. Climbing Mount Everest without oxygen and a Sherpa is at the top of his to-do list. Find out how he got into mountaineering, how he defines a successful expedition and which moments he will certainly never forget.
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Christian Stangl in der Antarktis Bergführer
Christian Stangl is the epitome of adventure and has some exciting stories to tell! So far he is the only person in the world who has climbed the 3 highest peaks of each continent. This project took him 7 years and he had to climb 29 peaks instead of 21. Find out why he had to do that and what he learned on his adventures through the world.
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