Applications of REELOQ | part 2

Mann fotografiert mit REELOQ Schneelandschaft

#3 Paragliding

Another application Reeloq finds even one level higher than on the mountains: in the air. When paragliding, REELOQ offers optimal security for your cell phone or GoPro. Especially at such heights you should definitely not lose your cell phone or your GoPro! The simple installation of REELOQ allows you to attach your equipment exactly where you need it. Dear Alois has already tested our product while paragliding. His conclusion: “REELOQ will now be my constant companion on future flights so that I can always carry my action camera within reach. THANK YOU Lukas Watzinger for the great idea!” He even made a video about it, you can watch it here .

#4 Skiing & Ski Touring

REELOQ can not only be the perfect companion for your adventures during the hiking season in spring or summer, but also in winter! Our REELOQ prototype was tested on countless mountain tours last year. Even the cold temperatures cannot harm our gadget. Especially at the chairlift you can now unpack your smartphone and take selfies without any worries.

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