Applications of REELOQ | part 1

Mann fotografiert Landschaft mit REELOQ System und Smartphone

#1 Hiking and Mountaineering

The moment when our founder Lukas Watzinger dropped his camera while hiking in the summer of 2018 was the birth of REELOQ. After this financially painful hiking fiasco, it was clear to him that he had to find a solution to this problem. The original area of ​​application was hiking and mountaineering, although Lukas did not yet know at that time how many outdoor sports REELOQ can be an aid for safe photography.

REELOQ is the must-have for every hiker and mountaineer! You can easily attach it to your backpack, the waistband of your hiking pants or your belt. Thanks to the included carabiners and other aids, you don't have to buy any additional equipment. You can find out how to attach your action camera with REELOQ here. If you want to secure your smartphone with REELOQ, you can find detailed instructions here.

#2 mountain biking

It is often difficult to take a souvenir photo in between, especially on wild descents when mountain biking. But with REELOQ you can attach your action camera to your backpack within easy reach and take a quick selfie during a short break without having to dig out your cell phone or GoPro from your backpack. One of our first customers, Toni, told us after his first ride with his mountain bike and REELOQ that it was "a huge relief to be able to take pictures quickly".

REELOQ beim Mountainbiken Outdoorsport

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