Adventure interview with Katrin Wrulich

Adventure Interview mit Katrin Wrulich

Julia: Hello Kathrin! Thank you so much that you are here online today to tell us about your greatest adventure so far.

At the beginning it would be great if you could briefly introduce yourself. Who are you and what are you doing?

I'm Kati, 30 years old and work for a medical technology startup Rehab buddy. When I'm not doing marketing, sales or business development there, I really enjoy traveling.

Julia: What does adventure mean to you in everyday life and how important is adventure to you?

I think it's a good break from the routine. I don't like it when I find myself in a completely new situation where I don't know what to expect. I am a person who needs structure. But sometimes I like to get myself out of this structure and do something spontaneous. And that's adventure for me.

Julia: And what was your biggest adventure so far?

I spent a semester abroad in Taiwan 3 years ago and decided to take 2 weeks off and travel to Indonesia. After arriving in Bali, I flew on to Flores, 600 km further east of Bali. From there I had booked a 4-day boat tour and shortly after my arrival, I got into a small wooden boat with just my backpack. This boat was far from modern and didn't even have windows, so everything was open. Inwardly, I have already started to pray that this boat will work without a sail! 😄

We then took off (luckily the boat actually worked without a sail!) and drove to various destinations in the direction of Bali. During the day we usually discovered some new places and in the evening we always spent the night on the boat in a bay.

Unfortunately during this trip I was constantly seasick and vomited all the time. As a result, I could hardly eat anything and was a bit exhausted physically, but I couldn't help to enjoy the unique crystal clear blue sea water. You feel as if you are flying over the sea in a boat, as you can sometimes see 20 metres into the depths of the sea.

A highlight was definitely the waterfall in the middle of a jungle, which was surrounded by naturally formed stone pools. Really nice! Or the moments when we swam in the ocean with turtles and manta rays.

During the day we were always exploring the islands, swimming and hiking a lot. In the evening we sat together in a group or laid by the boat and looked at the clear starry sky. So romantic!

What was also romantic was the marriage proposal I got from the captain. He explained to me that he could have several wives anyway and that I would be exactly his type. I felt flattered, but declined thankfully. 😄

The whole trip was an extrem slow down for me because there was neither a GPS signal nor internet reception. I was just cut off for 4 days and that felt amazing!

Julia: Which moment on this trip do you remember particularly well?

That was when our tour guide told us that he knew a place where manta rays often hang out. He led us there and actually discovered some! Suddenly he shouted “There they are! There they are! ”. Then the entire group with their diving goggles ran off to jump into the open sea. The impressive animals awaited us underwater, but suddenly everything went black below me because such a huge manta ray swam through below me. I was so impressed and surprised that this happened to ME, because you only know it from travel bloggers.

Julia: Which 3 key takeaways would you give to other adventurers?

# 1 listen to your gut instinct

It was very important to me that I listen to myself and don't let myself be persuaded. Especially in Asia and Indonesia, a lot of people want to convince you what you should definitely see. One should accept tips, but not chase one attraction after the other, but let yourself be carried away from time to time.

# 2 if it feels right, just do it

As with the first tip: listen to your gut feeling and if it tells you something, then just do it!

# 3 never save when traveling

When I travel, I don't waste my money, but it's often a little more relaxed. In doing so, I try not to forget that I consciously spend my savings on experiences that mean a lot to me.


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