UPDATE: 6 months after 2 minutes 2 million on TV

UPDATE: 6 Monate nach 2 Minuten 2 Millionen

In our Blog post 3 months after the show we told you about how it was before, during and shortly after our TV broadcast. At that time we were still very busy accelerating our delivery delays due to Corona and without further ado we put our products together in long night shifts.


Our supply chain is now stable and we no longer have to assemble our REELOQs ourselves. The market launch went differently than planned, but we mastered that too. In this blog post, we would like to tell you what's new, which milestones we were able to achieve this year and about the outcome of the deal on the show.
We still remember the day our first fully assembled REELOQ arrived. As you can imagine, we jumped through our office like two little kids! ðŸ˜„ First of all, we were extremely motivated to prepare a pen, post-its and a large sheet of paper in order to set ourselves goals that we would like to achieve with our newly gained time. Here is a picture from our very first roadmap from last year:
We both had the big dream of seeing our REELOQ in stores one day, but we thought it would take a lot longer. That is why we are very proud that we achieved this goal much earlier than expected. OUR REELOQ IS NOW IN THE AUSTRIAN GIGASPORT ðŸ¥³ Many asked us: "How did you do it?". Sometimes you have to go unconventional ways to achieve goals and in this case go to Gigasport to the cash desk and ask how best to get an appointment with the purchasing manager 😄
The task forces such as fire brigade, ambulance and police have been very exciting customer groups for us since our product development. However, our current product is only designed for outdoor sports and is not yet robust enough for their use. However, we started with branded REELOQs in the fall, giving organizations the opportunity to have their logo printed on our REELOQ. The Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association found this a great idea and is now selling its REELOQ Fire Brigade Edition exclusively for members. Various Austrian mountain rescue groups have also used this opportunity. The Graz Alpine Club, which will be offering an Alpine Club version for members, this is very new. ðŸ¥³ Other companies and organizations have already shown interest and if you are also interested or know someone: feel free to contact julia@reeloq.com! ☺️

Many of you were of course interested in the outcome of our double-deal on the show 2 Minuten 2 million. Unfortunately, it did not work out because the strategic visions were simply too far apart. It would only have brought short-term success, but long-term and sustainable success is much more important to us. We now have new, strong investors and mentors who support us 100%.


We are incredibly proud and grateful that we were able to achieve our goals, but we are already making plans and implementing ideas to achieve our next ones. For next year we definitely want to bring our Adventure Package beyond the borders of Austria and our 2-person team is already looking forward to an expansion. 😊

Finally, we would like to answer the same questions for you as in the last blog post:

What was your greatest learning?

Luke: "No plan survives enemy contact. You have to be very agile about things, and that's a lot of fun."

Julia: "That hard work will always pay off! Sometimes it just takes a little while, but success is inevitable if you stick with it."


What was your highlight in the last 6 months?

Luke: "The positive customer feedback and the photos that were sent to us. It is very nice to see when the long-developed product is used enthusiastically and provides value for others. That not only makes me very proud and happy, but also strengthens my personal" Why "."

Julia: "Definitely the moment when we went to Gigasport on Friday after work and our product was hanging there. An unbelievable feeling!"

We look forward to everything that awaits us and would like to thank you very much for your support!

See you soon and take good care of you

Lukas & Julia


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