Frequently asked questions

- What can I secure with REELOQ?

Your smartphone and your action camera. Of course, you can also secure any other equipment that you need close at hand. The adapters for this are included in the scope of delivery. 

- Where can REELOQ be used?

For all types of outdoor sports. Such as hiking, mountaineering, paragliding, skiing, kite surfing, mountain tours, via ferrata, etc.

- What loads can REELOQ withstand?

REELOQ can secure up to 0.5 kg.

 - How is REELOQ installed?
Various adapters such as carabiners and Velcro straps give you a wide range of mounting options.

- Where is REELOQ installed?
You can attach your REELOQ to your backpack, your climbing harness, your belt or your trouser loop. Generally anywhere you can attach a carabiner or Velcro fasteners.

 - Can you use REELOQ while diving?
Yes, REELOQ can also be used while diving. After use, simply rinse briefly in salt water.

- How long is the rope?

The rope is 62 cm long.