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This is how you secure your valuable equipment to capture your unforgettable outdoor moments.

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patented locking mechanism

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Your smartphone and your GoPro (but also other action cameras!). Furthermore, any equipment that needs to be kept within reach. All adapters are included in the package.

For any outdoor sports. Such as hiking, mountaineering, paragliding, skiing, kite surfing, diving, ski touring, via ferrata etc.

You can attach your REELOQ to your backpack, your climbing harness, your belt or your trouser loop. Generally anywhere you can attach a carabiner or Velcro straps.

REELOQ can secure up to 0.5 kg and the robust Dyneema rope is 62 cm long.

Yes, REELOQ can also be used while diving. After use in salt water, simply rinse briefly with clear water.

This is what the REELOQ community says


I will never go mountaineering without my REELOQ again - I love it! :)

Stefanie O.

My standard GoPro mount for years!

Gerhard S.

I enjoy my hikes with REELOQ so much that I have already bought 3 more for my friends and family. 👍

Christian Alexander L.

REELOQ in combination with the mobile phone pocket is ingenious - a top product for via ferratas. 💯

Daniel G.

We never want to set off on our adventures without REELOQ again. It has prevented us from dropping our cell phone many times. 🤳🏼

Natalie & Dominik L.

I use REELOQ all the time with my GoPro because I always have it ready to hand. Very easy to mount! 😍

Thomas G.

Mobile phone & camera finally protected against crashes! (which was always my biggest fear) Thanks to REELOQ I can take out my smartphone and take great pictures without worries. 😍

Sonja J.

I use my REELOQ for mountain biking, ski touring and hiking. An excellent all-rounder!

Toni O.

Ideal for paragliding - it keeps my GoPro from crashing and I now enjoy filming from above even more. ✈️

Alois P.

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Reeloq Adventure Package
Regular price €49,90


Your advantages:

+ Smartphone always secured
+ always ready-to-hand for a quick selfie
+ for every backpack
+ with GoPro adapter

+ REELOQ system
+ 2x carabiners
+ Smartphone adapter
+ Gopro adapter
+ Backpack mounting kit

Optional: Cell phone pocket for backpack
For cell phones with max. 8.5x16cm

+ Patented locking mechanism locks the cable
+ Equipment up to 500g secured
+ Rope length 620mm
+ Smartphone adapter suitable for any mobile phone case


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