Our Vision

We're convinced adventures fill our lives with life. With our products we aim to make the hearts of all adventurers beat a little faster.
From the dorm room to TV
How it all started....
After Lukas dropped his phone on an adventure and - spoiler alert - it broke, he developed a solution and even applied for a patent for it.

Lukas and Julia then went to Austria's biggest startup TV show on May 12, 2020. On the same day, the sale of REELOQ started - out of a 12 square meter dorm room.
Stay tuned
We're just getting started

Back when we were crafting the first prototypes in the summer of 2019, we never imagined that only a short time later we would equip more than 50,000 adventurers with our products.

We're lucky to have a wonderful team - so stay tuned, we're only getting started!

Lukas Watzinger

Founder and inventor

Julia Schadinger



Film & Photo


Marketing & Customer Support


Marketing & Back Office


Social Media


Product development