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a startup from graz, austria

how it all began ...

The story of REELOQ began in the summer of 2018 when our founder Lukas wanted to take a selfie while climbing a mountain and smashed his camera to the ground. He wanted to avoid this very painful financial experience in the future, which is why he looked for a suitable solution for him on the Internet.

However, during his research he didn't find any gear that met his requirements and needs. As a mechanical engineering student, he started to develop an innovative anti-drop system. In autumn 2018, Lukas met Julia at a startup event. Julia was immediately enthusiastic and from then on supported REELOQ with her economic know-how.

In May 2020 our pitch was broadcasted at 2 Minuten 2 Million on TV and on the same day we launched our REELOQ Adventure Package. This was followed by many collaborations, we were listed in outdoor retail stores and started entering the German market. Since March 2021, Thomas has been complementing us in the area of photography, film & graphics and brings our content to a completely new level!

Today, thousands of customers already use the Austrian innovation and thus support the great vision of a young start-up from Graz.

Our Vision

We want to uncover the urge for adventures within everybody around the globe.

Our Mission

We give you more freedom to capture unforgettable moments by securing your gear during outdoor adventures.

Lukas, CEO & Founder


Julia, Head of Marketing & Sales

#self confident

Thomas, Expert for Film & Photo


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